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For more than 40 years, UGI Energy Services and its affiliates have been producing and working with LNG. Today, we are the provider of choice for companies, large and small, who count on LNG to power their businesses forward.

moleculeLNG is natural gas cooled to -260°F at normal air pressure. It can then be easily and safely transported by truck to users who are out of range of natural gas pipeline service. LNG can be used as a primary heat and fuel source for industrial users in place of propane or fuel oil. In addition, LNG is currently being used in place of diesel to fuel on-road trucks and mining vehicles, and is also used in the oil field service, marine, and rail sectors.


Once liquefied and turned into LNG, the natural gas that would fill a beach ball can fit inside a ping pong ball.


UGI Energy Services Temple Storage Facility

From our base outside Reading, Pennsylvania, we are continuing to grow. Nearby, our expanded Temple facility has up to 15 million gallons of LNG storage capacity ready to serve you.

With personalized guidance from UGIES, you can make easy work of converting assets to take advantage of LNG benefits. If you need funding, we can build a custom financial solution that keeps your project, and your budget, on track.