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Why UGI Energy Services for LNG?

Responsive, reliable support and supply

UGIES combines the nimble customer service of a regional company with the robust resources of our multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 parent company. Your supply needs are our number one priority.

Extensive industry experience

UGIES and its affiliates have been working with LNG for more than forty years. During those four decades, we’ve maintained an excellent safety record and put together a team of process engineers and technicians with extensive LNG expertise.

Fuel supply transparency

UGI Energy Services shares commodity prices and non-gas fees with our customers. We also offer risk management and price hedging services.

Transportation logistics management

In most cases, UGI Energy Services handles all contact with third-party LNG transportation companies to ensure prompt, cost-effective deliveries.

Infrastructure development options

UGI Energy Services can support our customers' on-site LNG infrastructure requirements with project funding, system design, land development and permitting, construction management, and operations and maintenance oversight.

A One-Stop Shop

UGI Energy Services’ resources, talent and proven track record provide customers with the highest level of confidence and assurance … allowing them to focus on their primary business.

Current customers

UGI Energy Services supplies LNG to a variety of businesses and institutions. The target markets are general industry, truck fleets, oil and gas drilling service, marine and railroad companies. Our delivery quantities range from one LNG tanker truck per week up to multiple trucks per day. Our customers are located in the MidAtlantic and New England areas.