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swirlStationary Industrial

UGIES is moving industrial operations forward with cleaner, greener LNG. Industrial facilities with no access to traditional natural gas pipelines can still reap the benefits of this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly resource by using LNG. Even those that are on pipelines can utilize LNG as a backup fuel source in place of others like fuel oil or propane in case of supply interruption, making sure your operations never miss a beat. From system design to fuel delivery, UGIES process engineers and technicians can support your LNG conversion process at every stage.

swirlTruck Fleets

UGI Energy Services is helping long-haul truck fleets make the move from diesel to LNG. These fleets are shrinking their environmental footprint while boosting their bottom line. UGIES can help your company do the same, as we will help your fleet join the natural gas vehicle movement, which is growing every year.


Driven by increasing diesel costs and increasingly strict emission regulations, marine industry demand for LNG is rising. UGI Energy Services can meet it with a range of LNG conversion and supply solutions. We offer deep project support at every stage, from advice about converting ship engines to choosing barge or dockside LNG fueling and storage options.


Rising diesel costs and tightening emissions regulations have railway operators searching for cleaner, more cost-effective energy solutions. UGIES can help rail companies make the switch to LNG with a range of conversion and supply solutions, from delivery management to tender car dispensing.


UGI Energy Services can help mining companies transition from diesel to cleaner, greener LNG – and cut operating costs in the process. From consulting with you about on-site storage tanks, managing the conversion process with LNG kits, and managing truck deliveries, UGIES can support your LNG conversion process at every step.

swirlOil Field Services

By supplying the Marcellus Shale natural gas production region with a reliable supply of LNG, UGI Energy Services is helping to make a green energy source more available and more cost-effective. The close proximity of UGIES to the Marcellus and Utica plays make it the most economic choice for LNG, produced with locally produced natural gas.