Go with a more cost- and energy-efficient flow. Go with liquefied natural gas from UGI Energy Services.

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Describe the location you’d like to convert to LNG.

Why do you want to switch? (Examples: Price reduction. Better price volatility management, etc.)

What type of fuel does your facility currently use? (Examples: #2 fuel oil, propane, diesel, etc.)

What type of system is the fuel supplying (Examples: boiler, engine, etc.) and for what purpose
(Examples: processing, direct heat, steam generation)?

What is your monthly and annual energy usage?

Does your site have a peak month of energy usage? How much energy is used during that month?

How many hours per day does your facility operate?

What is your maximum hourly energy requirement?
(Examples: BTU/hour, cubic ft/hour, gallons/hour; also dekatherms, or monthly or annual usage terms).

Is your current system centrally located, or do multiple units operate throughout the site?

An LNG supply requires fueling equipment and/or storage tanks on-site. Do you intend to purchase or lease this equipment?

What is your conversion timeline?

What company/companies services the equipment that will need to be converted?

Excluding inter/intra plant pipelines and heat exchangers, what current on-site systems will need to be modified?

Is there anything else unique to your site or situation that you would like to highlight?